Monday, April 9, 2007

Recap of Days

Peggy commented to my "A Decade of Clutter" post (here) that "It sounds like you had a particularly tough few years there" and, well, yeah, I guess they were tough, but those times don't define me. That post was just a small glimpse of a small section of the past decade, mostly written to remind myself why I have the mess I have even though I clean daily (my daughter thanks me often for keeping the bathroom so "sparkly"). Life... it's not all been bad, and I thank God often that things weren't worse than they were. I know they could have been a lot worse, especially with the lack of sleep I had going on there for a while.

That being out of the way, the past few days have been sort of busy, while at the same time... not really.

Friday K. was out of school and though we cleaned a bit, we mostly spent the day playing together. We had a small hiccup in the day when the water went out for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon, but luckily the washer had already finished running so it didn't burn up!

We also made some chocolate chip banana bread, and then giggled at the pitiful way the results turned out. I think I need to either find my old recipe or find a different one than the one we used. Still, it wasn't horrible. It tasted pretty good (it was so good the whole loaf has been eaten already!), and it was fun baking it with K., as she actually helped.

A. came home Friday night, and when he walked in the door (with us behind him) he was greeted by the smell of not only the pot roast in the crock pot (I'd left it on low after K. and I ate so his food would stay warm) but also boiled peanuts in the other crock pot! Surprise!

Saturday... um. Oh. We were supposed to get up early and go to an Easter egg hunt but that didn't turn out so well. A. was tired from traveling and K. was tired from other stuff and I got up out of bed just after 7am and had some quiet time while they slept. By the time both of them got up, all (three) of the holiday events happening were over so we cooked lunch and ran some last minute grocery errands during the late afternoon, coming home to cook dinner and sprawl about with our respective books or to watch tv.

Sunday we went to my mom's and while A. watched tv (Mom has cable) K. and Mom colored eggs, and I sort of helped/supervised. Then we all sprawled about Mom's living room to watch part of a movie then came home to cook dinner.

Today it's rather cool (it's after 4pm and barely 58 degrees F... in Central Florida... in April...) and it keeps trying to rain but isn't really having much luck with that. K. is out of school again today and we seem to be having another "quiet" day. It's kind of nice to be able to spend time in the same room with my family and none of us yelling at anyone else. Another glimpse of another sliver, I suppose. We're all sort of doing our own things, just in the same area with a strange sort of peace lingering over us.

The cleaning? I'll get back to that tomorrow.

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