Tuesday, April 3, 2007

30-Day Organizational Challenge

I've been giving this challenge a lot of thought over the past few days.

I am participating, but not for the prizes, though nifty prizes they are. I'm doing this for me, and for my family, not for anyone else or any other purpose than our happiness (and my sanity).

The Organizing Junkie suggests posting 'before' pictures because "accountability is a huge motivator". While that may be true, it's rarely ever worked for me. I guess I'm just weird that way. For days, though, I've been puzzling out the picture aspect of this challenge. In the shower this morning I decided that I will take pictures today, but less with the intention of posting them and more with the intention of keeping them as reminders. I'm a big fan of the saying "Those that forget the past are condemned to relive it". Will I post them at the end of the challenge? I don't know yet.

I'll expand on the area(s) I'll be working on for the next thirty days later today when I get the chance. I'd do it now, but I have to trek out into the morning traffic to take K. to school. She has early bell practice this morning.

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