Sunday, March 25, 2007

website updates

Despite how tired I was last night, I was still up way later than I should have been. Part of that was K. not staying in bed (I kept feeling her peering over my shoulder from a few feet behind me as I worked) and part of that was the drive to finish the what I'd started.

What I started yesterday wasn't much in comparison to what I normally do. Mostly the endevours included some time figuring out how to use the URL forwarding option that came with my domain name when I registered it, adding another page to my current website, and adding a mail subscription option to this journal and the recipe/cooking side of this venture.

As far as I can tell, the URL forwarding is working. When I went to bed last night it wasn't, but this morning it's a beautiful thing. I guess it takes some time for the servers to update, and that's fine. I did a few tweaks to it this morning and will check on it later today. Once I get the forwarding all tweaked up, I'll post the domain name. For now I'll keep the site where it is with Halo and work on getting my own space later.

The new page that I added to the site last night was the photography page. It's really nothing more than some text and the flickr badge (which is also visible at the bottom of the sidebar on this journal), but I think that works well. I'm still toying with other ideas in the back of my mind.

I'm not sure which page I'll work on next, as I've done most of the easy pages already. Possibly the writing page, but I'm still hesitant to display samples of my writing or discuss works in progress and other ideas I have. I've had too many ideas (and even samples) blatantly stolen in the past. Every other page that needs to be done requires photos and far more coordination and planning than I can muster the time for at this point.

After I managed to figure out the subscription thing (wasn't hard, really) I was talking to a friend via IM and wondered if I could add the same sort of subscription email feed option to my website. I did. I'm not sure I like the way the feed works with a personal website, but for now it works. I'll look into other options later, especially if it turns out that I get more than a few subscribers.

The subscription email feed sign up box can be found to the right, near the top of the sidebar of both journals. On the website, it's at the bottom on the left. I'm using feedblitz for now, and using the free service at that. There are two reasons I opted for the free plan. Lack of funds and uncertainty. The lack of funds needs no explanation. The uncertainty, however, well, that's mostly about anyone noticing me and wanting to subscribe. I realize my journal is not the most exciting thing on the 'net, and I don't write here to be read by others as much as I write here for me.

That's it for now. The sun is shining and this quasi-geek girl needs to be anywhere but inside her apartment.

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