Friday, March 30, 2007

New drinking glasses and other stuff

I got married in February of 1992. That means I've been married just over 15 years. During that time, we've never had a matching set of drinking glasses. We've had glasses, and I suppose you could say they were a set if you consider a sampling of various novelty glasses from Burger King and other places a "set". So the last time A. was out of town, K. and I happened to be browsing through Wal-Mart while waiting for the rain to stop (we were there to fill a prescription which they ended up not being able to fill) and noticed a nice pattern that we both loved. When A. got home we drug him out to look at them and within days we had a set. Not from Wal-Mart, but from Target. The set at Target was a bit smaller; 6 large glasses and 6 small glasses. The picture is the pattern. It's from Anchor Hocking and called Starfire. So, these are my new glasses.

Now I'm browsing for new dishes. I'd like to have my very own set of dishes before my next anniversary. The set we're currently using is the set we took from my grandparents when we got married. They were getting rid of them because they got new dishes for their 50th wedding anniversary that year. They had been using the set we are now using since before I was born. It's time they were put to rest and I had a set of dishes of my own. I'm all for family history and such, but it's just time to let these dishes go.


We got pretty much all of the grocery shopping done today after A. got home. The only thing left on the list are personal supplies for both K. and myself. Seeing as how she's with my mother tonight, we'll go do that shopping tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon. We're hoping to make it to a few health food stores to check out the alternatives to the mainstream supplies. I believe in giving her at least a few of the options I never had, as well as letting her make informed decisions when it comes to her body.

This leaves much of the weekend free. I may do some cleaning, or I may just relax. I haven't decided yet. The nightmares of late have me all wound up and overly tired so I may do a bit of both. It will depend greatly, however, on what A. wants to do, and what K. wants to do when she gets back from my mother's. Chances are that I won't be on line much, if at all.

A. leaves town again Monday morning so K. and I will be alone next week. I already have the core of the menu worked up and will finish it this weekend. I'll have to finish it tomorrow and post it. Nothing too terribly creative. K. and I eat a bit differently when A. is out of town.

I'm going to take advantage of the time A. is out of town and do a lot of cleaning. I've decided that I'm going to do a sort of modified 30-Day Organizational Challenge and not post pictures unless my target areas aren't clean by the end of the specified time frame. Seeing as how I will do anything to avoid having pictures of my home put on the internet, I should have things pretty well wrapped up by the end of the challenge.

Also, I have decided that I need an anvil. A., however, has decided that I most certainly do not need one. I don't see any sort of a compromise in the future on this one.

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