Monday, March 26, 2007

A picture of dinner tonight! It was good, even if it did need more garlic. And maybe a bit of ginger.

I kind of want to make cookies for dessert, but not really. Not that I don't want nibble on them, just that I don't want to have to bake cookies. Which is rare because I almost always want to bake, especially cookies.

Saying today was a low energy day for me and that I got nothing done is a gross understatement. It was one of those when I worked for 15 minutes and rested for just as much time, if not more. Still, I managed to get my bed made; wiped down the bathroom; folded the load of towels that were in the dryer from last night; washed, dried and folded a load of K.'s clothes; washed, dried, and folded a load of K.'s sheets; spent some time cleaning off the desk; spent some time cleaning the living room; washed and dried a load of towels (haven't gotten to folding them yet); washed a load of dark clothes (bought some new house clothes this afternoon and they needed to be washed so I can wear them); cooked dinner; and did some of the dinner dishes. Not bad for a low energy day. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better, though.

I took a break from typing to finish up the dishes and I still want those cookies. It's just after 7pm (edt) so I suppose I have time to bake the cookies, deal with the clean up, and relax before bed. I suppose the only question now is oatmeal or chocolate chip?

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