Thursday, September 27, 2007

Playing catch up

I'm feeling... better. I've had a killer headache and been all sorts of cranky and irritable since I got up yesterday morning, but I'm keeping food in my stomach. I count this as making progress.

Well, no, not since I got up yesterday morning. Since one of the cabinet guys knocked on my door at 850am then started moving my refrigerator and oven around because he had to "fix" stuff. Again.

Ok, so honestly I may have been a bit on the irritable side before then (like, days before) but I'm going to stick with blaming the cabinet guy. It's more satisfying than admitting that I'm just strung out and overly tired from being sick and stuff.

And no, nothing is really... fixed. Not really. Yes, there is some sort of base wrap around the bottom of the cabinets, but K. and I could have done a better job on our own. The gashes in the door frame were covered with a completely different shade of white paint. The range hood is now anchored by more screws, but it's crooked enough that when the maintenance supervisor was here yesterday he noticed it. The pipe in the bathroom is still... there. And so on and so forth.

Anyway... I'm tired of all my entries being about the mess it's become at the hands of the "professionals" that were forced upon us to make... improvements... that, for some reason unknown to us, couldn't wait until the middle of 2008 when we plan on moving.

But I do appreciate more than words can adequately express the emails and comments of support and reassurance that this too shall pass. And you're right. Eventually this ordeal will be over. Thank you for your concern and caring.

So! Onward. Upward.

A. is coming home early. A day early, but early nonetheless. The plane he'll be on lands tonight at 920pm (edt)... which means I'll miss the season premiere of CSI. I'm considering making him walk home. (Not really. Sort of.) Next week he'll be working in another city, but he'll be expensing a car and driving back and forth every day. We consider this a good thing. He'll be home for dinner (if we have dinner a bit later than usual) and I'll still have my car in case of an emergency or in case I just want to get out of this apartment. (Stop laughing! It happens... once in a while...)

K. is... well, she's doing well in school as far as I know. She's got a couple of friends she's wanting to drag with us to the zoo's Halloween thing this year, as well as wanting to go other places with them. It's got me a little twitchy 'cause of the money, but A. pointed out that she's been doing very well in school, been doing (most of) her chores without having to be coerced, and she's generally a good kid that deserves a chance to hang out with her friends... something that's not always been possible in the past. I agree. It's just... weird... for me, though I am glad to see her wanting to socialize. And maybe I'm seeing dollar signs where normally I wouldn't because the whole apartment ordeal has impacted me the most (with me being here 24/7) and has me spinning off-balance.

Also, K.'s birthday is fast approaching and I'm not sure what we want to do this year. She said she really didn't want to try and have another party that no one could attend because of the Halloween conflict, so we're thinking about a dinner. Last year we surprised her with a family dinner/party. She, A., and I were out running errands and decided to have dinner out because it was "getting late", she picked the restaurant, and SURPRISE!! there was a cake and balloons and presents and family waiting for us! She was completely surprised. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off again this year; the kid learns.

And me? I'm contemplating participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Yes, I've gone insane. I think it's from thinking about the upcoming holidays and the money I would normally spend during the last quarter of the year... and then thinking about how that money would be better spent if we put it towards some of the expenses that come with buying a house. And the thought that, for the first time in more than 20 years, I probably won't have a christmas tree. I know in my heart I will have one, even if I have to get a small fake table-top tree like I did one year when K. was tiny and we were broke. It didn't bother me then so much because she was entirely too young to notice or care, but she's much older now. Besides, I like having my home filled with the scent of the tree and it makes me smile to have one set up.

Speaking of the holidays...

Laura Williams is having a little giveaway in her blog for a Christmas Planner made by Marcia Francois. It's a dandy "13 pages of organizational wonderment that will get your rear in gear for the upcoming holiday season" according to Laura, and should be quite helpful.

Also, over at Overwhelmed with Joy! there's the 2nd Annual Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style Recipe Exchange coming up. Instructions and Mr. Linky go up on October 5, 2007, and from what I've read there were a lot of great recipes passed around last year and should be well worth the look.

And glancing over at everyone's favorite Organizing Junkie I find a few links for planning Christmas. Also, I see that she's gearing up to do another Organizing Challenge. Specific details are still under consideration last time I checked, but keep an eye on her. She'll announce it soon enough.

There's really not much else to say today. I'm itching to do some crafts, but almost all of my supplies are boxed up and stored away, and I don't want to spend the money to buy anything for a new project. I'm devouring what books are left on the bookshelves and clearing them out. I should be researching or plotting or something for any of the writing projects I have in progress or lurking about the edges of my brain, but I'm not and I'm at a loss as to why I can't bring myself to do so. Maybe I just need to leave this apartment for a while. Go out and walk around the mall or the park. Or something. Anything...

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Thanks for the blurb. Got ya down for two entries! Good Luck!