Monday, May 14, 2007

Project: movie clearance

Two more tapes down, with one out the door, only a jillion or so left to go.

Movies watched (or listened to) today: The Toy, Batman, Westworld, Highlander, Enemy Mine.

I really didn't need to watch The Toy to know that it needed to leave, just as I really didn't need to watch Westworld to know that it needed to stay. Still, I watched Westworld because Yul Brynner was one of the best ever and always made any movie worth watching. As for Highlander, I already have other copies of it, so it's not a big loss if the tape I had my hands on today goes away. I could have lived without seeing Batman again.

Added to the mega wish list is Westworld and Enemy Mine. Both of those titles have been added to my ever-growing book wish list, too.

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