Monday, May 28, 2007


In addition to dinner planning, now I have K. home during the days so I have plan lunches too. This is bad in that I suck at planning lunches. This is good in that now I might actually EAT lunch and get out of this one meal per day rut I've fallen into. Then again, maybe not. K. wants to "wing it" when it comes to lunches. A. and I are thinking about adding two extra "meals" per week just to have on hand to cover lunches.

lunch: (we had popcorn, twizzlers, and milk duds at the movie)
dinner: frozen meals, baked potatoes

lunch: ??
dinner: tuna patties (basically this salmon patties recipe made with tuna - check back Tuesday morning for review and any tweaking notes), buttery peas & rice homemade pizza

lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit tuna patties (basically this salmon patties recipe made with tuna)
dinner: beans, rice, homemade tortillas, salad

lunch: ?? leftover tuna patties, mac & cheese
dinner: pasta and salad

Thursday (pay day; possibly grocery shopping today)
lunch: ??
dinner: leftovers (or breaded cod, veggies, baked potatoes)

Friday (grocery shopping today if not on Thursday)
lunch: ??
dinner: pot roast, baked potatoes, veggies

lunch: ??
dinner: black bean soup, corn muffins ?? - possibly Simple Taco Meat.

[edit 5/30] In light of the information that I received this morning, I'm not cooking the black bean soup on Saturday. There will be too many left overs from it and A. is leaving town Sunday afternoon.


Sandra said...

Your menu sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing.


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tegdirb92 said...

your menu looks scrumptious this week!!

Christi said...

Sounds yummy - thanks for sharing!

Have a great week!

annie said...

Your menu looks delicious.
Happy Monday!

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Tendrils said...


Have a graet week!

Helen said...

Great menu! Have a wonderful week.