Monday, May 12, 2008

I fail at hooping, but I'm growing two little tomatoes!

So I got up this morning, donned one of the ugliest pairs of sneakers ever made and headed out to walk. There's something wrong about it being 73F degrees with a heat index of 77F at 6am but it's better than what it will be in a few hours so... I walked. Because of the last five days of laziness (combined with the humidity, ugh!) I only walked the 0.4 mile instead of the 0.5 mile. Still, I walked.

Got back, grabbed my only half-wrapped hoop and wandered out back (since I'm not allowed to play with it inside). I suppose the hoop going around once or twice before hitting the ground then me having to bend over and pick it up so I can repeat the process is some form of exercise, right? A. says it is. Either way, I think I sweated more while trying to hoop than I did while walking. I know I was humiliated more. I know there was a time I could make the hoop go all the way around me and keep it going for like... a while. Of course, I was K.'s age...

After I decided I'd had enough hoop humiliation for a few hours, I looked at my little plants and watered them and noticed that one of the tomato plants has two little green balls on it. I'm growing tomatoes!! Hopefully they'll get bigger and redder, and the birds won't get them.

It's pushing 7am so I need to clear the table and get breakfast started.

Blue skies and rainbows,

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