Thursday, May 1, 2008

Did I die? aka Ramblings of the Infirmed.

Ugh. So blogspot is being a brat today.

I went grocery shopping with my mom yesterday. I still haven't tallied up the damages yet. That will be the next task I undertake, if I can manage it. I'm not feeling up to do much today.

Yesterday I was fine. A little tired, but fine. Mom had me home in time for a late lunch, which I happily ate even though it wasn't McDonald's. I'm thinking that's where I went wrong. I think some part of the leftovers I foraged out of the refrigerator didn't settle well in my stomach. Or maybe it was being so hot outside then getting so chilled under the AC while I ate, but I still think it was something I ate. Either way, not long after lunch I got incredibly sick. My stomach was tied in knots, my head throbbed, I was alternately freezing and unbearably hot, and there was more than a few times when I wanted to curl up around the base of the toilet. Luckily, A. was able to manage dinner without my help.

This morning I woke up feeling like I'd been kicked in the stomach. My stomach doesn't feel quite as bad at the moment but now my head feels like I've had it kicked in and one minute I'm shivering violently because I'm so cold and five minutes later I'm sweating buckets and wondering why I have to wear clothes when I'm home alone, only to be wondering five minutes later how many layers of clothes I can possibly wear at one time. And forget about moving around because the throbbing inside my skull causes quite the wave of nauseousness whenever I attempt moving.

So I did what any reasonable mom would do: I made myself a little nest on couch with nearly everything I could possibly need for the day. Or at least until either A. or K. gets home. Unfortunately I can't manage to sleep, which in the long run is probably for the best because while sleeping would be great, the not sleeping later tonight would really suck. Even if my eyes do feel like they have sand in them and like they're about to bleed at any moment.

You know, except for some hot tea. I don't have any tea. Not having a tea pot and warmer, I can't have a cup of freshly brewed cup of tea without getting up and padding into the kitchen to make it, and I'd love some right now. A nice toasty cup of ginger tea would be wonderful.


I've been spending some of my more lucid moments today with the laptop balanced against my legs and researching container growing. I'm wanting to grow some tomatoes and possibly carrots and lettuce in some containers in the back "yard" area of this apartment unit, but, um, I'm a more than a little worried.

I heard it said long ago that you could tell how good of a mother a girl will be by how well she kept her plants. Well, I guess it's a minor miracle that my cats and child have lived as long as they have. I used to keep plants right after I got married. Or rather, I used to TRY to keep plants. I got a philodendron right after we moved into our first apartment together. I killed it. Three of them, actually. Then I tried to grow this decorative little moss thing that was popular way back when. It was... moss. On a rock. You were supposed to keep in the bathroom. I killed it, too. The Wandering Jew? Dead. The half a dozen aloe plants? Dead. The cactus garden in a pot? Dead. The little palm trees... well, one of the cats at them, so technically that one wasn't my fault, but still. Dead. You know that "science experiment" that almost every kid has done at some point in their youth where you take a piece of potato with an eye in it and sprout it in some water in the kitchen? I've never gotten it to sprout. Ever.

And here I am again, wanting to grow some sort of plant. Not just any sort of plant, mind you, but food bearing plants. I must be insane.

Besides not even being able to grow mold properly, I live in an apartment. An apartment with north- and south-facing windows, no less. What areas I do have outside - the front porch, back porch, and back "yard" - are shaded most of the time. Most of the time, but not all. And then there's the careless yard crew that's hired by the apartment complex and known far and wide for tearing up plants that the tenants put out.

Still, freshly grown tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce would be wonderful.

I think I'm rambling so I'll close this and think about logging the purchases from yesterday.

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