Saturday, July 7, 2007

100 words x 2 (July 5 - 6)

I’ve been toying with copper wire again. It’s so easy to practice wrapping all sorts of things with copper, assuming you can get it in the right gauge.

I’ve been working with 18 gauge copper (round and half-hard) lately because that’s all I’ve had. I’m in the market to find some 20 gauge. I’ll have to do that over the internet, which really sucks because I’ve been trying to curb my internet purchases this year.

Oh, wait, that 20 gauge copper wire is not all I have. I forgot that I do have some 16 gauge soft brass wire, too.

I don’t like the 16 gauge soft brass wire. Maybe it’s my lack of hand strength or maybe just the way the wire feels. I don’t suppose it really matters. I just don’t like working with it as much as I like the 18 gauge copper wire. I’m hoping the 20 gauge copper wire will be as wonderful to play with. I know that it will give a whole new dimension to the bookmarks and other things I create.

And eventually I’ll get around to silver and gold and doing actual jewelry but for now, I’m enjoying my copper designs.

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