Monday, June 9, 2008


Yes, I'm painfully obnoxious when I've slept well and wake rested.

It did take some effort to get up this morning, though. I didn't get to bed until nearly quarter past midnight. It was the only way to ensure K. stayed in bed and, eventually, went to sleep (by accident, surely, while she was pretending to be asleep). I didn't hear the alarm at 5am, but had no urge to kill when A. woke me and asked if I was getting up. I did roll over to try and pull a twinge out of my right shoulder blade (the result of not moving all night) and ended up going back to sleep until twenty minutes later when A. poked me in the back and asked if I was getting up or not. So! Up at 5:20am, I was coherent enough to take a shower immediately. While getting dressed, I prodded K. awake and out the door we went.

It was a slowish 0.4 of a mile. Took about 12 minutes. A little faster than a stroll, not quite fast enough to work up a sweat. It was fast enough to perk up my grumbling child some (maybe it was the discussion about bats?) but not so fast that it twisted out my knee. I call that a win.

So here we are, just about 6:45am, and we're running a little later than either A. or I would like (he's got the goal of going to work earlier during the summer to put in a few extra hours as well as maybe leave a little a earlier from time to time for some summer fun) but we're more or less on track. Everyone is up, more or less dressed, breakfast has been consumed, and the day is getting underway. Today is the first day K. and I are following our summer schedule. It'll take a few weeks to become routine, but I think it will work. Or, rather, will work once I get my 11-year-old accustomed to getting up and walking at 530am every morning. Maybe I'll make her a trade; for every minute she spends walking with me, I'll spend with her playing on the x-box (not something I do well or even enjoy).

A. is gearing up to leave so K. and I need to tackle a few chores. Hopefully she'll actually DO her chores rather than slipping back into bed. She's swiped the kitchen timer so I have high hopes that she's actually working on her room. Guess that means it's time for me to get to work. I want enough stuff done that I can sit down to write without feeling guilty this afternoon. I like guilt-free writing.

Blue skies, world.

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