Wednesday, June 18, 2008

...and off to the walk-in clinic we go!

So. After a series of insanely crazy days during which we barely had time to breathe, our schedule settled down enough to actually cook at home tonight. At least until roughly 5:55pm (edt) when A. sliced the area between the tip of his finger and the pad of his finger nearly off with a bread knife. He wrapped his finger in a paper towel and I took over cooking dinner (he was supposed to be helping K. cook it, she was... in her room, I think, and he was cooking). After roughly 45 minutes of constant pressure to stop the bleeding, A. reluctantly agreed to go to the walk-in clinic because he was "tired of holding pressure on it". I tossed the pasta in the colander, turned off the sauce, turned off the garlic cheese bread, and out the door we went.

The result of the walk-in clinic visit was amusing. Mostly to A., but K. and I got some giggles, too. K. and I hung out in the waiting area while A. went wherever the chick in mint green scrubs took him. When he (finally) came back out he reported a silly conversation where the doctor tried to include A. in the diagnosis and the decision for the course of action that should be taken (something along the lines of the doctor asking A. if he thought they should do stitches or not and A. thinking "YOU'RE the doctor!"), a tetnus shot, his finger super-glued back together, and a 10-day prescription for antibiotics.

We also ended up getting Chick-fil-A on the way home because, woah, pushing 9pm already.

So. I have a kitchen to clean up without having had the benefit of the simple but yummy meal scheduled for tonight. And I'm too tired to even eat all of my nuggets or fries.

And, yeah, A. is fine. More or less. He's planning on getting his prescription filled tomorrow, and he'll have to pick up some bandages to take with him when he leaves town this weekend (he'll be gone from early Sunday morning to late Friday night). And he's now forbidden to use any of the sharp objects in the kitchen. Right now he's sleeping through a disk of House.

And since A. will live and the kitchen still needs to be cleaned up and I'm exhausted, I'll end this.

Sweet dreams, world.


unsaintly: said...

hey miss elusive of all elusives ;) <3

just dropping in to let you know you're always thought of.

love ya

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