Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menu - June 8 - 14

Crazy, crazy weeks. Mercy. What can I say? It's been crazy around here.

Highlights from the past few weeks (and tomorrow), both good and bad, and in no particular order:
  • someone stole my baby red bell pepper plant off my front porch, in the middle of the day (between noon30 and 6pm this past Friday)

  • K. got out of school for the summer

  • A. made it home in one piece

  • the computer armoire is in place and just needs me to finish putting things onto it

  • the entertainment center has been moved. We decided to keep it in once piece (rather than cut 1/3 of it off) for now.

  • we're in the process of running around town measuring chairs in various stores to see which will fit the best in the space we have made for a chair

  • the majority of the stuff from the old desk is still scattered around on the dining room table, waiting for me to do something with it (find it a new home or trash it)

  • the Webkinz site deemed the name of my Lil cow (Hortense) as "inappropriate" and renamed her to "Moo Moo"

  • we got the math books (student and teacher's editions) that K. used this past year in math. Tomorrow we start our summer refresher course.

  • I started writing again

  • we got notification from the apartment complex that the rent will NOT go up if we renew the lease for another year, and we get $100 off the first month

  • tomorrow K. starts getting up to walk with me at 530am

So. Menu. Because I'm really tired and if I don't get it done now, it won't be posted again this week.

As always, much gratitude for Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday.


things marked with * are items we got in one of the boxes from Angel Food Ministries

breakfast: oops
lunch: sandwiches, chips
dinner: take-out

breakfast: scrambled eggs, grits, hash browns, toast
lunch: leftover spaghetti
dinner: pot roast (edited to add link to recipe), mashed potatoes, lima beans, salad

breakfast: cereal, OJ
lunch: flat bread pizza* (frozen)
dinner: pork chops, rice, broccoli, cauliflower & carrot blend*, salad

breakfast: pancakes (made from mix)*
lunch: sandwiches, pear halves*
dinner: salisbury steak dinner* (frozen), mac & cheese, peas, salad

breakfast: eggs, bacon, fruit
lunch: ravioli, fruit
dinner: chicken*, rice, black eye peas, salad

breakfast: cereal, OJ
lunch: sandwiches, fruit
dinner: beef fajita strips*, flat bread, corn niblets*, salad

breakfast: pancakes (waffles?), bacon
lunch: foraging
dinner: ??

Sweet dreams, world.


Lisa Knight said...

mmmm pot roast! Sounds good but I'd have to put it in the crock pot, I'm avoiding the stove as much as possible in the heat wave we have right now!!!

Hyperactivelu said...

Found you off orgjunkie... do you find the angel food ministries a good buy? just curious. i think about trying them out often, but just wonder if the food is good and if its worth the money!

Seraph said...

On the Angel Food boxes.

Do I find them to be a good buy? Usually, yes. Sometimes the quality is, well, typical of premade frozen foods. They can only be done so well and never compare to the same food made at home from scratch.

If you're hung up on certain name brands then I'd say skip it because most items are brands I've never even heard of before, otherwise, I'd suggest that you consider HARD the items being offered in the box and determine how much you'd REALLY use.

For instance, in the May box was a 9.5oz Stouffer's Flat Bread Pizza that I wouldn't normally even glance at in a grocery store (I make my own from scratch), but it's providing a quicky "treat" lunch for my daughter one day this week (and she won't like it but she's always wanting the same types of store bought frozen food stuff her friends get because they're always freaked out about me actually COOKING - apparently they live on take-out and fast food - and sometimes it's just such a thing that reminds her how much better the food I cook for her is). There was also a 16oz frozen cauliflower & carrot blend that, again, I wouldn't even bother glancing at in the grocery store because I'm the only one in the household that eats cauliflower and if I'm going to spend the money to buy something that ONLY I eat, well, then, it's going to be on something yummier than frozen cauliflower. (LOL) Ditto some frozen beef and bean burritos because neither the kid nor I eat them but they're a nice "treat" for the husband to have whenever he wants. The frozen salisbury steak dinner is something else I'd never really look at in the store, but it's proving to be useful one night soon when I'll be too busy to do much more than make some instant mashed potatoes and add a salad to the side.

Another thing I would suggest taking into consideration is how much freezer space you have available when it's time to pick up the box. It's been my experience that the majority of the stuff is frozen, though some of it is canned.

I thought about it for a year, watching the menus and finding a local pick-up site. I called when I first started thinking about it to find out what I needed to do and know and how early I had to place the order (it varies). Then I waited for another six months before I saw a box I was willing to gamble $30 on. (That's what I was doing, in my mind. I had saved up an extra $30 and was buying food that I didn't know if my picky family would eat it or if I'd just end up throwing it all away.) June's box will be my third. My mother was so impressed with what I got in the April box that she ordered one in May (though I did end up with some of her stuff because she had no use for it). For June, not only is my mother ordering a box, but so is my aunt to give to my grandparents.

Adria Sha said...

Who steals a red pepper plant? That's downright criminal!