Sunday, August 12, 2007

The child can draw...

The kid scored a HUGE art pad while at her grandmother's today. We get home, all relaxing and doing our own thing, and I glance over to see K. drawing.

Of course, I had to grab my camera. I've been letting too many shots get away from me lately.

horse in progress

horse in progress

horse in progress

The horse is still in progress and just in the time I resized these pictures and uploaded them a mane, part of a saddle, and further details on the eye have been added. Also, it looks like she's working on the hair that hangs down above the eyes (the bangs? Do horses have bangs??).

What amazes me is that she's pulling this thing out of thin air. She's 10. She's seen horses at the zoo and in movies. She's got her uncle's talent and skill. And her father's.

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