Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This is just how my life falls together sometimes.

Sometimes, this is just how my life falls together. K. claims no knowledge of how these things were set up (though she does take responsibility for putting the "necklace" on the dino), and I certainly didn't set them up. And it's true that things like this just... happen... around me sometimes.

A few weeks ago I was brooding. I also happen to be sitting at my desk while doing so. In the midst of brooding, I noticed something on my desk. A dino had stopped by to use my oil burner as his watering hole.


I wasn't too terribly concerned until I realized that there was a hunter behind him, aiming two wicked looking guns at him!


When did this happen? When did this guy turn my candle holder turned catch-all into his perch?



While shifting angles to get a better shot of the hunter (and to determine if that was a monocle or an eye patch) I noticed something...


A monster was coming up behind the hunter!!



All the while, these guys were hanging out under my desk lamp on the other side of the watering hole. Innocent bystanders, I'm sure.


I don't know where they've wandered off to now (only the bystanders are still present), but at least I got the pictures to prove I wasn't imagining things.


Revka said...

Too funny! :) Thanks for sharing the cute story in photos.

Lucie said...

It reminds me of when my youngest son plays with is figurines in my stuff... lol... very cute.

Tell me, what is the beautful music playing on your blog? I find it is so calm and soothing. I love it. :)


Seraph said...

Thanks revka!

And Lucie! Sorry for the delay in response. I had hoped to email you, but that's not going to happen; I can't find you!

The song is listed as "A Scottish Blessing". You can find it on the album called "Kindle Flame" by Mystic Harmony. You can find it at Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Flame-Mystic-Harmony/dp/B000BO1JLE/ref=sr_1_1/104-9139425-6922324?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1181582951&sr=8-1