Monday, June 4, 2007


A. left town yesterday. He'll be in Louisiana until Friday.

On Wednesday morning, K. and I are going to one of the theaters doing free movies for the kids during the summer. There are two chains that I know of; Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres. After the movie, we have some errands to run, including a trip to The Rock Shop near my mom's house to consult with the rock guy about some raw (uncleaned, uncut) rubies, emeralds, and amethysts I got from this guy for K. to play with this summer. Depending on what the rock guy says, I may come home and buy more, because I keep looking at what K. has already and thinking "Wow, that would look incredible if I wrapped it in silver wire...". Of course, I'll also need to score some sterling wire (in various gauges, shapes, and softness), but I'll need that before the end of the summer anyway. And if I'm ordering wire from an online company (because I can't find any sterling in this city in the gauges I need) I might as well order the findings I'll need, and maybe some other goodies to make it worth the shipping cost. (Sorry, husband, I was browsing through Preston's and Fire Mountain Gems and Beads again. I was good though, and didn't buy anything. Yet.)

We may switch the plans for Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll have to talk to Mom tonight and see what she has planned for Wednesday. If she still thinks she might come visit, then K. and I will switch our plans. We schedule our days to be accommodating for things like that.

Later in the week... I'm not so sure what K. and I will be doing. I know that on Friday night there's the zoo thing, and later that night A.'s flight home is due to land (at midnight). Beyond that, I'm clueless. It will all depend on how the earlier days have gone and how much we've accomplished.

I guess that's all there is to say, except that I'm enjoying my greatly decreased internet time, and have notes (and photos) for when I decide to start posting on something closer to a daily basis again. Right now, though, I'm just having too much fun doing other things.

lunch: left over sloppy joes
dinner: peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwiches

lunch: spaghetti
dinner: baked potatoes, broccoli, lima beans, red corn on the cob, salad

lunch: tuna patties (basically this salmon patties recipe made with tuna - I still need to post a review and tweaks, but assume these things were good since I'm doing them again this week), buttery peas & rice, salad grilled cheese sandwiches, salad
dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, salad tuna patties (basically this salmon patties recipe made with tuna - I still need to post a review and tweaks, but assume these things were good since I'm doing them again this week), mac & cheese, salad

lunch: going to the free summer movie thing this morning; assuming we will not be very hungry (we take our own munchies for the movie) and nibbling on veggies, fruit, and/or salad having hot dogs at my mom's
dinner: leftovers

lunch: leftovers
dinner: frozen raviolis (making sauce), salad

lunch: mac & cheese, peas, pizza bread (pizza on hoagie rolls), salad
dinner: using the zoo passes to get into a members only special event at 5pm; boca "chicken" patties, whatever leftover veggies are in the refrigerator (or jump out of the freezer when I open it), salad

lunch: ??
dinner: black bean soup, corn muffins


tegdirb92 said...

your menu plan looks really yummy! Sounds like a busy week too.

Laura said...

So glad you are still participating in MPM! Enjoy your break :)