Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu: September 26 - October 2

Ugh.  The Last Quarter Insanity seems to have started a month early this year.  It kinda makes me a little afraid of what the next three months will bring.  I mean, usually it's crazy with Girl's birthday and Halloween and my birthday and Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the end of the year stuff I do, but if it's going to be SO CRAZY that the Universe started hitting me a month early??  Ohdear.... maybe it's time to hide in my closet. 

Lots to do and my printer is broken.  Because, you know, NOW is when I need it most.  *sigh*  I do believe my head is going to explode any day now...

So, food!  Because, apparently, we need to eat.  Or so I'm told.

As always, much gratitude for Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday.


choice of:
     cereal (dry or with milk)
     cheesy eggs (actually egg beaters, but whatever)
     apple or banana and peanut butter
     hard boiled egg and cheese
     oatmeal and fruit

choice of:
     sandwiches (tuna, peanut butter, whatever) and fruit
     bocca burger
     turkey burger

dinner: leftovers (cleaning out the fridge)

dinner: pasta, salad, garlic toast

dinner: Honey Mustard Lime Chicken (adapted from this recipe), green beans, corn nibbles, salad

dinner: tuna burgers (adapted from this recipe), rosemary sweet potato steak fries, salad

dinner: beans and rice
fixing ahead for the weekend:
- chicken spaghetti casserole

weekend lunches and dinners
- chicken spaghetti casserole (adapted from this recipe)
- various leftovers
- probably tuna sandwiches if we need more food

Aaaaand, I think that's it.  I need to get a move on and tackle my day.  Maybe if I'm extra charming, I can coax the printer to work just long enough to get some vital stuff printed.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Please...?

Blue skies, world.

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