Sunday, June 19, 2011

Menu: June 20 - 26

WOO-HOO! Last week worked great. We cooked what was supposed to be cooked and we ate it! Not only that, but I made a chocolate-cherry ribbon dessert for the weekend and it was great. I've already started considering way to tweak it to make it better suited to our tastes.

I'm hoping for success again this week and just to make it more of a challenge, I'm planning breakfasts and lunches, too.

As always, much gratitude for Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday.


choice of:
     cheesy eggs (actually egg beaters, but whatever)
     hard boiled eggs and fruit
     turkey bacon

lunch: LUNCH OUT (Red Robin after orthodontist appointment
dinner: tuna casserole, broccoli, salad

lunch: leftovers OR sandwiches, salad, fruit
dinner: hamburgers, fries, salad

lunch: chicken nuggets, salad, fruit
dinner: easy garlic broiled chicken, mashed potatoes, green peas

lunch: leftovers OR sandwiches, salad, fruit
dinner: lentils and brown rice tacos, salad

Friday cooking all weekend meals today
lunch: foraging
dinner: leftovers

- roasted turkey legs (first, I'll have to make some pomegranate molasses), french fries, salad
- baked black bean and salsa chicken (an adaptation of this recipe), rice, broccoli

I believe that's about it.

Blue skies, world.

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Christina @ Working WAHM said...

Definitely will check out a few of your recipe links. The pomegranate molasses and black bean chicken sound wonderful!